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I Didn't Trip, Honest | Sidestep

Jul. 16th, 2008

My final report card did come in. Nothing below a B, but even that means it isn't going to end pretty. Also, my parents have seen fit to re-visit their previous 'let's ban our eldest daughter from the Internet for however long we feel like it, without any prior notice at all--because we can' habits, and the best I can do is plead and slink and try desperate measure to try and get online so I can grovel my sorry ass off to the people in charge [i.e. modly persons].

And yeah, this dumped on me along with my latest batch of issues?

I'm expecting to crack any time now.


D. Gray-Man Ch. 166:

asdfl;kjCross, you abrasive bastard. ♥

Also, the idea of Noah!Allen makes me absurdly happy and seeing the kiddy version all bitchy and stubborn and rude for some reason drives my mood to elated-slash-giddy. God, I love that kid so very much. ♥ Now this is going to make thing a lot more fun.