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Packing is Awful...


So, after months of doing without, I finally post. Who'd've thunk?

Tch. Anyway, my sister say that I--actually she, and the rest of our family--should finally be at least sorta glad-happy that we have collegeish students who [apparently] party-slash-have people over lot of times and consequently take up part of our driveway the and rest of the street for parking space and thus make it hard to get out for neighbors [if the Lee Uni. van and my dad [sorta] knowing that is any indication.], since they have pretty fireworks. Sort of.

I can still smell the charred gunpowder [or, if that's what the things are made of, which I'm pretty sure they are] and the ash in the air from all the explosions and I think some of it's kind of seeped into my clothes slightly, no matter how little the amount, but I can't be too sure since I just came in and it's probably just my paranoia talking again because I can still smell it and almost taste the thing because of its smell and I'm just like that and I'd only been out there for a little while.

But the fireworks were worth it, I suppose, since I have a penchant for pretty things and the things lighting up my little neighborhood with so many colors and flash lights was rather nice, even with the initial crackling sounds and the explosion it goes up with 's still having my ears ringing slightly.

So, tomorrow, I'm leaving for South Korea again, and this time I'm staying there until the end of the month. I guess I should post in the roleplaying communities I'm in that my [already] irregular online patterns are just going to get even worse.

Joy. I so look forward to that.</sarcasm>

Eeh. I hate packing for long-distance trips--even though I only pack very few things other than necessities. And the [direct] plane flight's going to kill my brain dedz.