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I Didn't Trip, Honest | Sidestep



And everything'd been going so well lately, too.

Ah, well; it figures everything'd get screwed over sooner or later, anyhow. The reason for my whining this time around is because I figured out today that I wansn't doing so hot like I'd arrogantly assumed I was doing at school, and the chance I'm going to end up with all A's again this time around is positively microscopic, if Engineering has anything to say about it. Geometry H, Art II, and Web Design are likewise hanging on by a very thin balance, and I should probably be getting ready for the big inevitable blow-up and general lifelessness that'll follow when I get a B at the very least.

I think I'm sorta getting the hang of this 'pessimistic' and 'auto shut-down for resulting catastrophe' by now.

Must be all the practice I'm getting in the area.

On the bright side of things, earlier today wasn't so bad; the Sock-Hop or whatever the thing was called that Rai threatened me into participating for was boring, like I'd somewhat expected, but at least half of it was fun because Shawn, David, Dunkin [like-hell-I-know-how-to-spell-his-name], and Justin--among others--broke the invisible barrier that surrounds every event/dance thing which seems to magnetically repel everyone from getting to the center of the place, and brightened up the dreary place with their antics. I was too busy laughing at the side when they 'performed' to really do anything else.

Note to self: ask Brandi for the picture what's-her-name took when Nick and the rest of the guys fell into one big pile after the gay group-dancing they did. Then proceed to flaunt it in their faces and cackle maniacally.

awt;ljkwt test tomorrow for Geometry. Ugh.